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We thank our customers for choosing us. Here is what some of our customers are saying about us:

Active Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is a great company that I have had the pleasure of working with for the past two years. Mark is very punctual and reasonably priced. He has been doing this for over 20 years and knows what he's doing. He brought his high pressure jetting unit to clean my sewer line and did an excellent job cleaning my pipes so that my problem was solved quickly. I would recommend this company for your draining and plumbing needs to my family and friends. Thank you Active Rooter!!!

E.J, Lorain, Ohio

When you need a plumber, you must call ACTIVE ROOTER PLUMBING & DRAIN. They arrived on time, fully equipped, ready to get the job done. Mark quickly diagnosed my problem and provided a very reasonable quote. A high-pressure water jet was used to clean the sewer drain. A length of broken pipe was discovered. Mark and his sons were able to make immediate repairs. I will not hesitate to call them in the future.

B.C., LaGrange, Ohio

Few times in life can you say that you are 100% completely satisfied and know that the job was done as good as it could be and that the price was low enough that you really felt you got as good of a deal as possible. That is my experience with Active Rooter. I have had an ongoing problem with my sewer backing up in my basement the last time was just 2 weeks ago, 3 months before that. When I called Active Rooter this morning with a sewage filled basement and explained what has been going on I was calmly told that it is because the job was not done as completely and thoroughly as needed. The price was $395 for the service, $300 less than Roto Rooter plus $45 for Saturday service. i thought it was a very good price. They said they were on a job and would not be able to be at my house until 1:30pm. It was just past Noon when I hung up with him. I went to open the door at 1:30pm to start the "watch" for them and was surprised to see them sitting out front with a very new clean truck with a matching trailer. I thought well at least they look professional. They went to work right away, found the least intrusive way to the work area, set up and got to work. They ran down the sewer line several times with a high pressure jetted drain cleaner. Because of the chronic issues that we had been having a camera was brought in for my reassurance. The entire sewage line looked brand new, it was exactly what they had told me. It was completely clean and I could see it for myself through the camera. They packed up and left as quickly as they came. I will recommend Active Rooter to my family and friends and I recommend them to you.

P.S, Vermilion, Ohio

On a Sunday, we discovered that a water shutoff valve stopped working on one of the toilet supply lines in our daycare. The valve in the toilet was also not functioning properly, so the water was continually running. We needed it fixed immediately because the only way to stop the water from running was to shut off the water to the building. We called Active Rooter in the middle of the day on a Sunday. The owner answered the phone and was there in about 30 minutes. He was very professional. He not only replaced the shutoff valve, he also fixed a drain pipe under one of our sinks for free and told me what I needed to do to fix the toilet valve. The price for the work was extremely reasonable. I would highly recommend Active Rooter.

K.T., Amherst, Ohio

When you need a plumber, you must call ACTIVE ROOTER PLUMBING & DRAIN. They arrived on time, fully equipped, ready to get the job done. Mark quickly diagnosed my problem and provided a very reasonable quote. A high-pressure water jet was used to clean the sewer drain. A length of broken pipe was discovered. Mark and his sons were able to make immediate repairs. I will not hesitate to call them in the future.

B.C., LaGrange, Ohio

I have used Mark's plumbing services for years. I have recommended him to many of my friends and neighbors. His knowledge, experience and reliability are greatly appreciated when you encounter difficult plumbing and drain situations. His prices are the best in the area and his equipment is state of the art. Mark and his son have given me free video inspections of the sewer drain jobs he has preformed for me. I highly recommend his hydro jetting system. Mark is always the one I call for any plumbing needs and I have always been satisfied with the work he does.

L.C., Amherst, Ohio

Unfortunately, I needed a plumber for water shut-off valve that suddenly decided it wanted to break under my utility sink. Water was spewing from the plastic knob itself-cheap builders grade knob. I called Mark as soon as I noticed the leak at 7:30 a.m. Within an hour, my leak was repaired with new knobs-not the el-cheapo plastic stuff either. I was still able to make it to work by 10:30 a.m. Another great experience with Mark and his son! I hate when I have emergency plumbing needs, but when I do, Active Rooter always handles my needs professionally, accurately, and swiftly. They even notice the little things like using shoe covers when walking on my marble floors-nice job guys! I've used this company for the last few years for all of my plumbing needs. Whether it's changing a faucet, jetting-out my lines, or bailing me out from Super-Storm Sandy--they've done it all for me at a reasonable price. But even more important than the price, they really provide excellent quality work. The first time I utilized their service, I paid them in cash. Unfortunately, after they departed, I noticed a pipe was not appropriately connected and it was late on a Saturday evening, I quickly called them back, expecting either (1) no answer or (2) call me back on Monday. But that's what happened at all. The owner came back within 15 minutes and spent another 30 minutes or so remedying the issue, including even repairing some other items without charge to me. Since then, I've exclusively utilized their service to upgrade my water tank, install a garbage disposal, install a septic back-up battery system, and jet-clean my footers. Good service at a reasonable price. Give them a shot, trust me, I highly doubt you'll regret it!

C.M., Amherst, Ohio

Active Rooter provided prompt quality service and it was a great bonus that they cleaned up when they were finished. Well done, and if we have any problems in the future, we will absolutely call them again.

J.B., Amherst, Ohio

Mark from Active Rooter was contacted and asked how long it would take him to get here because our main drain was clogged and backing up! He was here in 10 minutes after hanging up. Once he was here, he diagnosed our problem and resolved our issue in 15 minutes. Mark is professional and courteous and I would recommend him highly. This also keeps our community working!! Thanks again Mark!

V.M., Amherst, Ohio

Professional, knowledgeable, and very affordable ? I've used Active Rooter a few times over the past year and they are a great example of what any service company should strive to be. They provide the most professional, knowledgeable plumbing service I have ever experienced. Last Spring, they installed a new sump system with a battery backup. Along with the summer storms, came power outages. My basement stayed dry ? oh what a relief! The backup sump system was a great investment! And how many companies do you know that would willingly provide advice to potential future customers at the expense of possibly servicing them in the future? That's customer service!

T.M., Lorain, Ohio

Mark is reliable and provides excellent service with great rates! He has provided plumbing service to both our home and office for many years. I highly recommend Active Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning for all your plumbing needs!

D.M., S. Amherst, Ohio

Excellent service, on time and very reasonable. Had a major sewer cleaning project. Sewer line was snaked and cleared in no time. Would highly recommend and will use again.

T.C., Elyria, Ohio

Excellent work installing my whole home water filtration system. Got everything hooked up and installed to perfection.

D.R., Amherst, Ohio

The service is great. They showed up fast and advised me some issues . They fixed my drain. Was impressed with service I will repeat. I would recommend them to friends and family.

A.M., Lorain, Ohio

I called Active Rooter because I wanted local. Not only did they come the same day, but they came after 5 pm and extended their day for me! That is what I call professionalism! There is zero chance that I would ever call anyone else ever again. After the job was completed, Mark used the camera to show me that the work was done properly. You have to be very confident in your work to offer such a service. If you need a plumber, go with a local company! Go with Active Rooter!

T.A., Amherst, Ohio

These guys were awesome, told me what they thought the problem was on the phone, came in snaked it out and they were right. Pulled a little bit of roots out, ran the camera into the line, which is a free service, to show me what the line looked like and to see if there were any future problems and the line was pretty open. They cleaned up after the job and we just couldn't be more happy with the job that was done. And here's the best thing about them, their prices are better compared to anyone else you look up in Erie or Lorain County. No driving fee, just the price for the job. "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PROFESSIONALS."

S.C., North Ridgeville, Ohio

This company was by far the cheapest, and most helpful with my pluming problems, and I will use them next time I have problem, I will also add don't call anyone else these guys are the best, Thanks.

S.P., North Ridgeville, Ohio

My drain pipe backed up a few days ago i didn't know what to do or who to call. I went online did a search of my area and i saw Budget Rooter Plumbing & Drain i decided to give them a call. They came out in a speedy time frame. They identifyed my probelm within minutes and brought state of the art equiment to take care of my problem. They made sure to use tarps and rags to cover my floors i was very impressed. My drain was cleaned out within a timely manor and they even cleaned up the mess! I didn't have to do anything but thank them. Then i was very surprised at the rate i was charged a very fair price on my invoice! I couldn't have been more happier. If anyone want a excellent company to help them with there drain and plumbing needs i would recomend Budget Rooter! I look forward to useing them again for all my needs in the future. Thank you.

J.V., Amherst, Ohio